Spark– to ignite a FIRE!

If nothing else, the Spark design team sure knows how to make a great book cover, but what is that faithful saying… “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

The main thrust of Juggard’s book is transformation, as you can tell from the title, Transform Your World One Small Risk at a Time. Over and over again he points out that we are key to the change that we long to see in the world–how true this is! Nothing will begin to change (in a positive way) until we as believers do something to change it. That something for you may be taking a stand in the workplace or your school or not participating in an activity due to the influences. Maybe you are thinking, Allie, I already do that– keep doing it! Small things add up. Do you remember the little boy in the Bible who brought Jesus five little loaves of bread and two small fishes? Jesus used that “small thing” to feed 5,000 people. Think of the word spark; it allows us to vision a little twinkling of fire bursting forth into ignited flames. The little boy’s decision turned out to be quite the spark by the end of that day, wouldn’t you say?

Many times as believers we feel the need to want immediate, drastic change in a situation; but often times this is not the case. Some situations will take days, months, or even years until it is where we long for it to be. Don’t get discouraged in this though; take hope in the fact that change is coming. This change will come through your dedicated prayer, your consistent and growing walk with Christ, and the constant encouragement of other faithful believers. What is that quote– “Be the change you long to see in the world!” Be faithful; change is coming!

Looking back to my introduction, I will say that I was disappointed in the lack of depth, or one may say “meat” in Spark. There were times on the completion of a chapter, I felt as if the thought trying to be conveyed was lost–the intensity was not there. While reading, I would want to know the destination of the author’s thought only to be disappointed at the end that it was not conveyed. The book seems more motivational and light-hearted than others I have read on the subject of change in the past. I might recommend this to a friend as an easy, motivational read, but nothing more beyond that.

I received this book free from Waterbrook Multnomah’s blogging for books and have given my honest review of this book.