Strong-willed? Well, so am I!

9781601428981Would you consider yourself to be a strong-willed woman? I’ll be honest, I certainly would. I looked up the adjective strong-willed in the Cambridge dictionary and was given this definition-(of a person) determined to do what is wanted, even if other people disagree or disapprove. And would you know the example that they used was strong-willed woman! I suppose the various authors of this particular dictionary knew some pretty strong-willed mothers, wives, daughters, etc. I am sure the list is endless!

I am the type of woman who considers having a strong will to be a great asset or a great handicap depending on how one directs that will. Looking back at the definition, I happen to wince ever so slightly. Why? Because more often than not when others disagree with what you are doing and you continue to press ahead, you get a name for yourself. Maybe some names that come to mind are stubborn, hard-headed, head-strong, etc. Sadly, more often than not, we press ahead through the clear principles and guidelines that the Lord has given for us in His Word to follow causing us to be handicapped by our strong will.

Ouch! Rough paragraph, yes, I know. However, like I said being strong-willed can be an asset. Cynthia Tobias in A Woman of Strength and Purpose uses her platform as a guide to helping women use their God-given strong will to honor and glorify Him in their relationships and influence. By making God the primary and centered focus of our lives, our strong will can and will be an asset in what He calls us to do!

I would say that this book is good, not necessarily a favorite, but definitely worth taking a look at!

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“Simply Calligraphy”

I’m not sure about you all, but I love finding new and creative ways to write things. I’ve never been one to excel at calligraphy, but I have been known to take my own spin on creative lettering.

Simply Calligraphy by Judy Detrick is just the cutest lil’ how-to guide for calligraphy. She breaks down the beautiful art of calligraphy into simple, easy to follow steps with illustrations throughout. Tho not a comprehensive guide to all forms of calligraphy, this is a wonderful how-to guide for beginners.

Want to dive into the beautiful art of calligraphy? Simply Calligraphy is a wonderful place to start!!


Simply Calligraphy by Judy Detrick

Blogging for Books provided this book to me for free in exchange for an honest review.

What Kind of Magnet are You?


When looking up the word magnet in the dictionary, the most common definition is a person or thing that has a powerful attraction. That being said, what kind of magnet are you? What people are you attracting? What lifestyle are you living that makes them want to join you?

Lynn Cowell opens up her heart to us in her book Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants. She stressed that we shift our focus from a guy to our great Savior and become the magnetic woman that He created us to be. We live in the generation of females that live in a state of wonder. They wonder why they have yet to be asked out, why they are not popular, why they are not on the fast track to married life, and so much more. Sadly, if we do not control these wonders, we are left useless in the work that God has for us.

Lynn reminds us that as we live out the Fruit of the Spirit (“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.” ~Galatians 5:22-23), we will cultivate an inner beauty that will radiate on the outside! As we shift our focus from guys to our Savior, and live the magnetic life that attracts others to Him, in His timing we will attract that Godly guy that He has for us. Don’t rush…

Ladies, pick up a copy of this book, you won’t regret it!


Blogging for Books provided this book to me for free in exchange for an honest review.

Eat Less Sugar– You’re Sweet Enough Already!


Ever thought about giving up sugar?! Many would laugh or perhaps state that such a lifestyle is not for them. After reading Sarah Wilson’s book, I Quit Sugar, I will admit… I am considering it.

Sarah begins by sharing with us her journey of saying “Goodbye” to sugar, and how much better she felt after truly doing so. She continues her book with an 8-week plan, full of encouragement and tips as you walk down the “No-Sugar” path. She admits that at times it will not be easy, but that it will be worth it! You will have more energy, loose weight, and so much more!

Finally, Sarah closes her book with over 100 recipes that will help you on your journey to living an “I Quit Sugar” lifestyle!

Blogging for Books provided this book to me for free in exchange for an honest review.

Shhhh– I’m Spoken For and So Are You!

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Have you ever had the desire to be wanted, pursued, loved, called, valued, treasured, freed, covered, promised… spoken for?! I know I sure have and still do, and for all of the females reading this post– you know exactly what I am talking about. The Lord has purposefully created us this way, and He longs to be the One to fulfill these desires. The only question that remains is… “Will you let Him?” For the next few moments I want to dive into Spoken For: Embracing Who You Are and Whose You Are. 

I do not believe that Robin Gunn and Alyssa Bethke could have done a better job on this book… from the beginning until the ending, I was hooked. It wasn’t because of the flowery words or the attention grabbing stories, although this was all present; it was because of their heart– literally piercing through every word on the page. They know that we as God’s children struggle with these desires and how to fulfill them and they weren’t afraid to tackle the challenge and bear their hearts to us.

As mentioned earlier, God created us with desires. These desires, though, when left unchecked can seriously harm our relationship with Christ because we look to fulfill them in all the wrong places! When we give these desires fully over to our Savior, who knows us best, it is then that we can grow and mature our desires that He has created us with. We ladies have a longing to be wanted, pursued, loved, spoken for– yes! And that is OK!! We shouldn’t lock away the desires that God created us with, but we need to know how to fulfill them righteously. Gunn and Bethke take the time to show us that their is One who wants to fulfill these desires in our life, not only does He want to He longs to! Sadly, the one thing standing in His way is YOU and I!

Reader– pick up this book as quickly as you can! Not only do the authors share with us personal experiences throughout this book, but they share Biblical principals that back up what they are writing about! The choice is yours… Will you continue looking to be fulfilled in all the wrong places or will you give yourself fully to God, the One who knows you best and wants you to be His forever?!

A great romance was set in motion before you were born. A relentless Lover is pursuing you, and He has made His intentions clear. He wants you to be His forever. How will you respond to the One who longs for you to be His with your whole heart?

Blogging for Books provided this book to me for free in exchange for an honest review.

Spark– to ignite a FIRE!

If nothing else, the Spark design team sure knows how to make a great book cover, but what is that faithful saying… “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

The main thrust of Juggard’s book is transformation, as you can tell from the title, Transform Your World One Small Risk at a Time. Over and over again he points out that we are key to the change that we long to see in the world–how true this is! Nothing will begin to change (in a positive way) until we as believers do something to change it. That something for you may be taking a stand in the workplace or your school or not participating in an activity due to the influences. Maybe you are thinking, Allie, I already do that– keep doing it! Small things add up. Do you remember the little boy in the Bible who brought Jesus five little loaves of bread and two small fishes? Jesus used that “small thing” to feed 5,000 people. Think of the word spark; it allows us to vision a little twinkling of fire bursting forth into ignited flames. The little boy’s decision turned out to be quite the spark by the end of that day, wouldn’t you say?

Many times as believers we feel the need to want immediate, drastic change in a situation; but often times this is not the case. Some situations will take days, months, or even years until it is where we long for it to be. Don’t get discouraged in this though; take hope in the fact that change is coming. This change will come through your dedicated prayer, your consistent and growing walk with Christ, and the constant encouragement of other faithful believers. What is that quote– “Be the change you long to see in the world!” Be faithful; change is coming!

Looking back to my introduction, I will say that I was disappointed in the lack of depth, or one may say “meat” in Spark. There were times on the completion of a chapter, I felt as if the thought trying to be conveyed was lost–the intensity was not there. While reading, I would want to know the destination of the author’s thought only to be disappointed at the end that it was not conveyed. The book seems more motivational and light-hearted than others I have read on the subject of change in the past. I might recommend this to a friend as an easy, motivational read, but nothing more beyond that.

I received this book free from Waterbrook Multnomah’s blogging for books and have given my honest review of this book.

What’s in a Name?

knowing_god_by_name_sharon“Infinitely holy. Intimately personal. Our God wants not only to be worshipped but to be known.”

When thinking about the names of God, which ones come to your mind? Maybe it is the name Jesus as we remember His humble birth in Bethlehem to His death on the Cross at Calvary. Maybe it is the name Messiah as we think of the promised one and deliverer. Maybe it is the name Emmanuel, which is interpreted “God with us”.

Knowing God By Name is an 8-week Bible study that goes through forty different names of God. The unique style of this read is the authorship. It is written by three ladies who have individually studied these names of God. They expound upon God’s love and mercy, as they challenge us to get to know God on a deeper level.

Whether you are looking for a guide for your new Bible-study at church, or maybe it is just for you and three of your closest girlfirends–pick up a copy and jump right in. As we take a step back, why would we not want to get to know God in a deeper and more intimate way, after all He is our Savior, our Lord, our Messiah, our Friend, our Comforter, and so much more! While I do not necessarily agree with every idea stated, I would recommend this book to fellow readers.

I received this book free from Waterbrook Multnomah’s blogging for books and have given my honest review of this book.

Getting Lost in the Love of Christ

get-lostDannah Gresh has got to one of my favorite female authors, and I must say that she hit the nail on the head in this book. When looking at the title, Get Lost: Your Guide to Finding True Love, one probably thinks this book is a “how to” on relationships and finding that “love of your life”. Not so, my friend. Of course, she does speak on some of these topics, but Dannah’s main focus in this book is falling in love with Christ. 

Dannah points out that we as females have a craving given to us by God, but we do not know how to satisfy that craving biblically. Therefore, we try to starve the craving altogether, or we feed the craving things it ought not be fed. Neither ways are honoring to Christ, and they most certainly are not healthy for us. Dannah also addresses getting lost in Christ’s presence, pursuit, words, intimacy, strength, friendship, story sacrifice, and much more.  

To point out one aspect of this book that is most helpful is a hard thing to do. Nevertheless, it would be this, we need to be desperate! Desperate not for the attention of a man but desperate to get completely lost in the love of Christ. For when we do that, all else falls into place. It amazes me that so many times we as ladies worry about the most trivial things when deep down, we know that God really is in control. It is time we start living like it and getting a new kind of “desperate”. 

     Phenomenal book. Fun read. Pick up a copy! 

I received this book free from Waterbrook Multnomah’s blogging for books and have given my honest review of this book.