Time really does…. FLY!

With the busyness of SENIOR year and much else that has been going on, It has been quite some time since I have last blogged. Today, I set aside some time in my schedule to blog. Spring Break here in the mountains this year is filled with warm weather, beautiful scenery, and TIME.  Time to relax and refresh after an extremely busy new year, time to just pause from the normal routine of my daily life, but most importantly time to use for the Lord. Sometimes I get so busy doing all the “right” things that I forget to remember Who I am doing it for, and why I am doing it. I came across this verse…

Psalm 89:47A “Remember how short my time is: …” 

And it hit me… My time is short.. What am I doing in my daily life that is truly profitable and what am I doing that will truly count for eternity?

As I look back on the last few years of my life, I remember high moments and I remember low moments. All of which have shaped me to be who I am today, and I am thankful, by God’s grace, that he has brought me this far and is continuing to walk right beside me! But now as I look forward to the next step of my life, and the busier that I get, and the more responsibilities that I will have… I wonder, how will I let my time be used. It is a daily battle for me to choose to use my time for Allie or for the Lord. Oh how true it is, that when my time is spent for God, it is then that I am uplifted and then that I feel encouraged in Him. But oh, how many instances that I use the time God has so graciously given me for Allie! I am asking the Lord that with the extra “time” I have this week that I will use it for Him. Sure there will be time for relaxing, being refreshed, and having fun… But I challenge you that with the time God has given you that you whole-heartedly use it for Him! I promise you, it won’t be regretted! Happy Spring!!


A New Beginning…

As mentioned in my “About Allie” page, I was saved at the age of 12. I put my complete and total trust in Him to save my soul, and He did-Praise the Lord! He truly gave me a new beginning… Maybe you are searching for a new beginning, click here (http://wp.me/P1yMjn-69). The Christian life has not always been an easy road, but it has truly been the most amazing experience of my life. I have struggled in the past and still struggle with the snares and cares of the world, but the Lord is right beside me, forgiving and loving me. He is guiding me every step of the way, never letting me down. Honestly, I LOVE serving Him.

I hope my blog encourages you spiritually, most of all, but I also hope that you enjoy getting a laugh or two as you go on your way.