Strong-willed? Well, so am I!

9781601428981Would you consider yourself to be a strong-willed woman? I’ll be honest, I certainly would. I looked up the adjective strong-willed in the Cambridge dictionary and was given this definition-(of a person) determined to do what is wanted, even if other people disagree or disapprove. And would you know the example that they used was strong-willed woman! I suppose the various authors of this particular dictionary knew some pretty strong-willed mothers, wives, daughters, etc. I am sure the list is endless!

I am the type of woman who considers having a strong will to be a great asset or a great handicap depending on how one directs that will. Looking back at the definition, I happen to wince ever so slightly. Why? Because more often than not when others disagree with what you are doing and you continue to press ahead, you get a name for yourself. Maybe some names that come to mind are stubborn, hard-headed, head-strong, etc. Sadly, more often than not, we press ahead through the clear principles and guidelines that the Lord has given for us in His Word to follow causing us to be handicapped by our strong will.

Ouch! Rough paragraph, yes, I know. However, like I said being strong-willed can be an asset. Cynthia Tobias in A Woman of Strength and Purpose uses her platform as a guide to helping women use their God-given strong will to honor and glorify Him in their relationships and influence. By making God the primary and centered focus of our lives, our strong will can and will be an asset in what He calls us to do!

I would say that this book is good, not necessarily a favorite, but definitely worth taking a look at!

Blogging for Books provided this book to me for free in exchange for an honest review.


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